博士后 [美国] Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, one of three national poverty centers, is seeking a postdoctoral scholar for a one-year term beginning either in January 2015 or August 2015. The scholar will collaborate with PIs David B. Grusky and Michael Macy on a National Science Foundation project examining whether class barriers to interaction are less prominent in social media than in face-to-face networks. The analyses will draw on profile data, analysis of message content, and local housing valuations for geo-tagged Twitter users. The research may involve a combination of skills in computational social science, including knowledge of Python, API crawls, cloud computing, large-scale data management, MapReduce, Hadoop, as well as data and network analysis. Candidates must have received their doctorate by the start of the appointment. Please send a letter of application with curriculum vitae, a sample of relevant original work, and three letters of recommendation to inequality@stanford.edu.(源于Science [2014-07-09])

博士后 [美国] Texas A&M University

One or more postdoctoral researcher positions are immediately available at the Synthetic and Systems Biology Innovation Hub (SSBiH) of Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology in Texas A&M University. The first position will focus on microbial synthetic biology to engineer strains for lignin conversion to various valuable products. The position can also be involved in broader bioenergy and pharmaceutical oriented microbial engineering. The second position will focus on plant metabolic engineering of terpene production using latest plant synthetic biology approaches. To apply: contact Joshua Yuan at syuan@tamu.edu.( 源于Science [2014-07-09])

博士后 [美国] Yale University

A position is available for a postdoctoral associate or associate research scientist at Yale School of Medicine. They study the molecular mechanisms of RNA replication, virus particle assembly, and virus- host interactions of hepatitis C virus and related (+ ) RNA viruses. The candidates must have PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degree in molecular biology, virology or related discipline; high quality first author publications in peer-reviewed journals; strong letters of reference; excellent English communication skills; experimental skills in virology, cell biology, or related fields; strong work ethic, self- motivation; ability to interact well with others; capable of managing a project independently; motivation to study virus- host interactions. Successful applications will include: CV containing a list of publications and contact information of three references, and a cover letter detailing how this job fits with the applicant’s career goals. To apply: http://lindenbachlab.org.(源于 Science [2014-07-09])

博士后 [美国] University of Nebraska Medical Center

A postdoctoral research associate position is available immediately in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences for motivated graduates with interest in stem cell regulation and therapeutic applications. Besides understanding the regulation of retinal progenitors the lab is examining their regenerative potential and characterizing their alternate sources, such as the iPS cells. They are looking for applicants with a strong background and hands on experience in cell culture and cell and molecular biology. Applications are being accepted online at http://jobs.unmc.edu. Individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.(源于Science [2014-07-09])

博士后 [美国] Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute is seeking a postdoctoral research associate. The Center for Inflammation and Cancer at the Biodesign Institute are devoted to understanding how inflammation and inflammatory mediators contribute to colorectal carcinogenesis. They are seeking a creative, motivated, and highly skilled post-doc to work on cutting edge research projects related to understanding the molecular and genetic basis of colorectal cancer formation and progression. The successful candidate will perform complex in vivo and in vitro experiments using mouse models, current cellular, molecular, and biochemical techniques such as mouse surgery, Western blots, real-time quantitative RTPCR, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, recombinant DNA cloning, sub cloning, and LUC reporter analyses as well as writing manuscript for publication. Candidates must have PhD degree in a field of cancer and demonstrated expertise in cancer biology; able to independently plan and perform the research projects with minimal supervision; ability to work quickly and accurately with excellent troubleshooting and critical thinking skills as well as to evaluate the experimental results. To apply: http://jobs.sciencecareers.org/apply/333093.(源于Science [2014-07-10])

博士后 [美国] Temple University

Postdoctoral scientist positions are immediately available to study CNS axon regeneration, neural repair and myelination in the CNS in Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center (SHPRC) at Temple University in Philadelphia. These projects are focused on the molecular/cellular mechanisms for CNS neuronal growth failure and development of novel and effective strategies to promote neuronal regeneration, remyelination and functional recovery after injury and/or in neurodegenerative disorders. Their lab employs various in vitro and in vivo research approaches, including molecular/cellular neurobiology, biochemistry, genetic and pharmacological methods and multiple neuronal/axonal lesion models in rodents. Highly motivated individuals with a strong background in neuron/axon/myelin injury models, histology, behavioral tests, molecular and cellular neurobiology and biochemistry are encouraged to apply. Candidates should have a PhD, MD/PhD or equivalent in the field of neuroscience, molecular/ cellular biology, biomedicine or biochemistry. Please send curriculum vitae and reference information to Dr. Shuxin Li (Shuxin.li@temple.edu).(源于Science [2014-07-09])

博士后 [英国] National Institute for Medical Research

A three year postdoctoral position is available in the area of bioinformatics and chemometrics in the Metabolomics Core in the Division of Physiology & Metabolism at NIMR in London. Experience with workflows involving mass spectrometry metabolomics data, including stable isotope labelling techniques, and a background in metabolism are desirable but not essential. Candidates should have a PhD (or be in the final stages of completion) in an area related to bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, mathematics, physics, mass spectrometry or analytical chemistry. Informal enquiries can be addressed to: Dr James I. MacRae (jmacrae@nimr.mrc.ac.uk) or Dr. Alex P. Gould (agould@nimr.mrc.ac.uk). Applications are handled by the UK Shared Business Services; to apply please visit their job board at http://www.topcareer.jobs/Vacancy/irc147054 and upload the CV along with a Cover Letter.(源于Science [2014-07-11])

博士后 [美国] University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center invites applications for multiple postdoctoral fellowships. The projects aim to develop translational research on targeting DNA repair defects in cancer. Candidate should have experience in molecular biology, cell biology and possess knowledge of cancer biology. In addition, expertise in Bioinformatics is a big plus. They are looking for an outstanding researcher with high motivation, ability to work independently, and a strong commitment to working on these projects. Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. Send curriculum and contact information to: Shiaw-Yih Lin, PhD, Associate Professor, Tenured, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Systems Biology, Unit 950, South Campus Research Building II, P. O. Box 301429, Houston, TX 77230-1429, USA. E-mail: sylin@mdanderson.org. (源于Science [2014-07-11])

博士后 [美国] Genentech

Genentech is seeking an independent and creative researcher for a Postdoctoral training position in the Ye lab to work on the interaction among various stromal cell types and their impact on cancer cells. The candidate will also be exploring the role of canonical Wnt signaling in human diseases. The selected postdoc will analyze data from human genetic studies on patients suffering from a number of eye diseases, select candidate genes, and define the roles of the selected genes in the canonical Wnt signaling pathway and in human diseases. Candidates should possess a doctoral degree and have a strong background in one of the following fields: Cancer biology, Immunology, Vascular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology or Molecular Biology. Enthusiasm in tackling complex biological problems, vigorous scientific logics, and strong technical skills are essential qualities. Qualified candidates must have first author paper(s) published or accepted in top tier journals. To apply: http://www.Click2apply.net/fcgx3vr.(源于Science [2014-07-11])

博士后 [美国] Medical University of South Carolina

Two postdoctoral fellowship positions available to study molecular effectors of prostate cancer invasion and metastasis. Candidates will utilize a diverse array of molecular biology approaches, including signal transduction, microscopy, RNA- seq, ChIP- seq, proteomics, informatics and animal models of cancer. Postdocs are expected to develop projects along their preferred interests and to collaborate with others internally and externally. The candidate should possess the following criteria: 1) PhD, 2) Evidence of first author peer reviewed publications, 3) Prior molecular and/or cancer biology experience and evidence of project development, 4) Excellent communication and writing skills. Prospective candidates should be highly motivated, enthusiastic about science, with an ability to think creatively and independently. To Apply: submit a CV and cover letter summarizing qualifications, research Interests and career goals, and describe specific interest in their lab. Include the names and contact information of 3 references and send via email. Jennifer Isaacs, Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina, Cell and Molecular Pharmacology, Hollings Cancer Center, 86 Jonathan Lucas St. Charleston, SC 29425. E-mail: isaacsj@musc.edu.(源于Science [2014-07-14])

博士后 [美国] George Washington University

George Washington University is searching for an individual with a PhD degree and experience in biological mass spectrometry with emphasis on metabolomics. The focus of the research project is to discover the mechanism of action for pharmaceuticals in collaboration with experts in biochemistry and bioinformatics. Strong record of publication and achievements in related areas are required. The position is open and applications are accepted immediately. Please submit applications through the http://www.gwu.jobs/postings/22566. A complete application packet should include a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, a list of publications and three letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation should be sent directly to Prof. Vertes by E-mail to vertes@gwu.edu.(源于Science [2014-07-14])

博士后 [美国] Washington State University

Washington State University is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow who will participate in research investigating the neuroendocrine regulation of motivated behaviors. The overall goal of the lab is to determine how changes in gut hormones, as a result of dietary or surgical manipulation, regulate brain reward and motivated behavior. Specifically, the lab utilizes overfeeding models and bariatric surgery, both of which elicit significant increases in gut hormones, to evaluate the influence of neuroendocrine signaling on brain dopamine release and self-administration of palatable food, ethanol or psychostimulant drugs of abuse. In this context a variety of molecular, pharmacological and genetic manipulations are utilized in combination with behavioral assessment of palatable food and drug reward(s). Required qualifications PhD in psychology or neuroscience or in an appropriate related scientific field. Candidates will be required to submit a curriculum vitae and cover letter addressing qualifications as they relate to this position. Include the names and contact information for three (3) references. In detail please explain experience with ingestive behavior and or addiction neurobiology. To apply for the position email the above information to davisjo@vetmed.wsu.edu.(源于Science [2014-07- 15])

助理教授 [美国] Kansas State University

Applications are invited for a tenure- track assistant professor position at Kansas State University-College of Veterinary Medicine. Applicants must have a PhD or equivalent doctoral degree with appropriate postdoctoral research experience. Successful candidates will have demonstrated scholarly productivity in cellular, molecular or developmental physiology. Special consideration will be given to candidates with extramural funding and a strong background in an area that complements research strengths of the Department. The successful applicant will devote approximately 90% effort to research and 10% to teaching. Applicants should send a one- page cover letter that includes a brief summary of research interests, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references to: Ms. Erin Moore, Public Service Administrator, Department of Anatomy and Physiology. E- mail: ecmoore@vet.k-state.edu. Review of applications will begin August 11, 2014, and continue until the position is filled.(源于Science [2014-07-07])

助理教授 [美国] East Carolina University

The East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, invites applications for a nine-month tenure-track position at the assistant professor level with expertise in Conservation Biology. They seek a broadly trained individual with a successful, innovative research program involving the development and application of ecological and evolutionary principles to address fundamental questions in conservation biology. They seek applicants, whose research programs can be applied to aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems of coastal areas, including offshore, nearshore or adjacent onshore physiographic provinces. The successful candidate will be expected to establish a vigorous, externally funded research program that involves work in a coastal area, teach undergraduate and graduatelevel courses in conservation biology and related disciplines, mentor students in the MS and PhD programs, be an active member of ECU’s Center for Biodiversity and engage in university, community and professional service. A PhD in Biology or Biologyrelated fields with training in conservation biology and at least one year of postdoctoral research experience are required. Qualifying degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions. Applicants must complete a candidate profile and submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a list of three references (including contact information), and statements of research interests and teaching experience/philosophy online at www.jobs.ecu.edu using the position number 934002. Inquiries may be directed to Dr. David Chalcraft (chalcraftd@ecu.edu), Search Committee Chair. (源于Science [2014-07-15])

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