A postdoctoral research associate position is available immediatelyat University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT),to study the mechanisms and repair of lung injuries. The potentialcandidates should have an MD and/or PhD degree and a strongbackground in molecular biology and animal studies of pulmonarydiseases. Preference will be given to those with significantexperience in stem cells and electrophysiology. Applicants shouldhave demonstrated scientific productivity, good inter-personal andcommunication skills, and be able to conduct independentresearch. Salary will be commensurate with experience and skills.Research laboratories are housed in a modern facility equippedwith state of the art instrumentation. Please send a copy of theupdated CV, a brief statement of research interests, and contactinformation of three references to james.ji@uthct.edu or james.hl.ji@gmail.com.(源于Science[2014-04-17])

A postdoctoral position is available in the Mirzaei Lab in thedepartment of biochemistry at the University of TexasSouthwestern Medical Center. This position is for one year, andreappointment beyond the first year of employment is contingentupon the availability of funding and satisfactory performance. Thesuccessful applicant will work closely with members of Mirzaeilab, the proteomics core facility at UT Southwestern, and cancercenter members pursuing high priority cancer markers. Thus, adynamic, transdisciplinary and collaborative perspective will behighly valued. Applicants must have a PhD in AnalyticalChemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, or related closelyfield. Proven track record of successful research and publicationis required. Experience in HPLC, mass spectrometry, molecularbiology, and biochemistry is highly valued. Applications should besubmitted online and must include a cover letter, full curriculumvitae, and statement of research interests. Three letters ofreference should also be emailed directly to Prof. Mirzaei at hamid.mirzaei@utsouthwestern.edu. Review of applications will begin onMay23rd, 2014, however applications will be accepted until theposition has been filled.(源于Science[2014-04-17])

Postdoctoral positions are available in the Falke lab to study the activation mechanisms of crucial membrane- bound signalingproteins, and the flow of information through membrane signalingcircuits. This newly funded project employs a novel singlemolecule fluorescence approach and other biophysical /biochemical methods to investigate membrane- bound masterkinases and phosphatases, alone and in combination to reconstitutea native network. See http://spot.colorado.edu/~falke/ for lab information and publications. Applicants must be available to startin summer or fall of 2014, and should possess a PhD, excellentwritten and oral communication skills, and a strong background in(i) biophysics and/or biophysical instrumentation, and in (ii)protein biochemistry and/or molecular biology. Interestedcandidates should send their CV and the contact information of2~3references to falke@colorado.edu .(源于Science[2014-04-17])

The Computational Systems Biology Lab (http://csbl.bmb.uga.edu)of the University of Georgia is seeking applications for apostdoctoral associate position to carry out bioinformatics researchin the area of microbial system biology, particularly to carry outnetwork- based metabolic system analysis to develop predictivemodels for bioengineering target prediction. Developmental work ofnovel computational methods and software tools for reconstructionof microbial metabolic networks based on large- scale omic datawill be needed. The successful applicant should have a Ph.D.degree in a bioinformatics, chemical or biological engineering orrelated areas with a strong background in biological pathways andnetworks, and should have substantial experience in computerprogramming and computational methods development. Previousexperience in biological pathway and network studies will bea big plus. To apply: http://jobs.sciencecareers.org/apply/328947/postdoctoral- associate- in- bioinformatics/?LinkSource=JobDetails.(源于Science[2014-04-18])

The Chaput Laboratory at Biodesign Institute at ASU is seekinghighly qualified postdoctoral candidates to work in the field ofChemical Biology. The successful candidate will have a proventrack record of publication and extensive experience in the areasof chemical biology, protein engineering, and/or molecularevolution. The successful candidate is also expected to be anindependent scholar with experience and knowledge ofcontemporary synthetic organic chemistry. Candidates will beexpected to work under the guidance of the principal investigatorand collaborators as well as to mentor graduate and undergraduatestudents, maintain appropriate records and manage data. Experience with scientific journal writing submissions and theability to write reviews and articles for submission is required. Thespecific focus of the open position(s) is to expand the field ofsynthetic genetics by developing and using engineered polymerasescapable of coding and decoding synthetic genetic polymers.To apply: http://jobs.sciencecareers.org/apply/328942/postdoctoralresearch- associate- chemical- biology/?LinkSource=JobDetails.(源于Science[2014-04-18])

Pharmacokinetics Research Laboratory within the Department ofBiomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of RhodeIsland invites applications for up to 2 postdoctoral researchassociates. Major emphasis of the laboratory includesunderstanding the effect of disease state on drug disposition andaction. The research will involve characterization of expression andregulation of drug metabolizing enzymes or transporters in diabetesas well as clinical pharmacokinetics studies. Successful applicantwill conduct basic and translational research, attend seminars,teach students, review and write research proposals and composemanuscripts for publication. Experience with drug metabolism,drug transport, PKPD modeling, LC- MS/MS, proteomics, cellculture, genotyping and handling laboratory animals are desirable.Competitive candidates are expected to have excellent oral andwritten communication skills, and a strong record of peer reviewedpublications. For further information, please contact: FatemehAkhlaghi, PharmD, PhD, Professor, Biomedical andPharmaceutical Sciences, University of Rhode Island, 495ACollege of pharmacy,7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI02881,USA. Phone: (401) 874 9205, Fax: (401) 874 5787, Email:uripkpostdoc@gmail.com.(源于Science[2014-04-18])

UC San Diego Health Sciences is seeking a postdoctoral scholartrained as a cellular- molecular biologist to join a newly- formedinterdisciplinary research team focused on advancing in vivoimaging. Candidates are required to have a PhD with extensivetraining and experience in molecular and cellular biology.Specifically, candidates should have a background in a broadrange of recombinant DNA techniques, vector technologies, geneexpression detection methods, and experience with manipulatingprimary mammalian cell cultures and cell lines under sterileconditions. Moreover, the candidate should have strong scientificproblem solving skills, ability to analyze and interpretexperimental data, ability to communicate results in a concisemanner both verbally and in writing, and have a solid track recordof scientific achievement as documented by peer-reviewed scientific journal publications. To apply: http://postdocservices.ucsd.edu/PostDocOpp/Job/Details/650. (源于Science[2014-04-21])

A postdoctoral position is available in the Viral Mutation Section(VMS), HIV Drug Resistance Program (HIV DRP), to performbasic research on HIV replication and therapeutics. Their goal isto understand how interactions between HIV-1and the host cellinfluence its replication and to develop novel therapeutics for thetreatment of AIDS. They are active in three major research areasthat are focused on the interactions between host restrictionAPOBEC3 proteins and viral Vif protein. Interested candidatesmust have a PhD and/or an MD and have less than5 years ofpostdoctoral experience. Applicants must have a strongbackground in molecular virology and/or molecular biology andbiochemistry. To apply, send a cover letter, CV includingbibliography, and contact information for three references to thefollowing address: Dr. Vinay K. Pathak, Viral Mutation Section,HIV Drug Resistance Program, National Cancer Institute, PO BoxB, Building535, Room 334, Frederick, MD 21702-1201. E-mail:Vinay.pathak@nih.gov.(源于Science[2014-04-21])

A postdoctoral position is open at University of South Florida inTampa. This NIH funded position is focused on regulatoryprocesses in the virulence of Staphylococcus aureus, ranging fromthe control of gene expression to post- translational modifications.A minimum of two years, with reappointment occurring annually,based on positive performance. Candidates are required to have aPhD in microbiology or an equivalent area, and should havedemonstrated expertise in bacterial genetics, bacterial biochemistryand/or pathogenesis. Experience with next- generation sequencingtechnologies is also preferred, but not required. To apply pleasesend a cover letter, indicating research experience, and a CVincluding the names of 3 professional references, to Dr LindseyShaw (shaw@usf.edu).(源于Science[2014-04-22])

A position for a postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular and CellularNeuroscience is available immediately at the Pennsylvania StateUniversity. The aim of this project is to unravel mechanismsunderlying the etiology of Major Depressive disorder usinggenetically engineered mouse models. The successful applicant will have a PhD in Neuroscience or a related field, and a solidfoundation in slice electrophysiology, preferably with additionalexpertise in other molecular or behavioral analyses. A completeapplication includes a cover letter describing experience and howit relates to the advertised position, CV, and contact informationfor three references. Penn State requires all applicants to registerand complete the application form at the Penn State employmentwebsite www.psu.jobs for job #42442. For further informationplease contact Dr. Luscher at BXL25@psu.edu.(源 于Science[2014-04-22])

The Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Iowa hasa postdoctoral research position for interested individuals topursue exciting projects in the development of in vitro humanmodels of congenital heart disease leveraging an extensivecollection of genomic DNA (>5,000), fibroblasts (> 250) and iPSC(>50) models of discrete CHD phenotypes. The CVC is housed ina beautiful new building and has state- of- the- art core facilities.Candidates must have a PhD and/or MD in biology or related field.Experience working with human ES and iPS cells is required. Thework will be focused in the laboratory of Peter Gruber. Ifinterested, please send CV to: Peter J. Gruber, MD, PhD, Chair,Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Iowa, CarverSchool of Medicine. Email: peter-gruber@uiowa.edu.(源于Science[2014-04-23])

There are a number of openings for postdoctoral fellows andgraduates students in Professor Jun Yin’s lab at the Department ofChemistry, and the Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics of theGeorgia State University in Atlanta, USA. Postdoctoral fellows willbe developing methods to identify the substrate proteins ofimportant E3ubiquitin ligases, engineering E3enzymes to controlprotein ubiquitination in the cell, and designing inhibitors to targetprotein modification by ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins suchas Nedd8and SUMO. Desired postdoctoral candidates should havesolid training in molecular and cell biology including cloning,protein expression, enzyme kinetics, bacterial and mammalian cellculturing, and preferably analysis of mammalian cell proteome.Multiple positions are also available for graduate students at thePhD level interested in elucidating the mechanism of cellsignaling mediated by ubiquitin and ubiquitin- like proteins.International applicants for the PhD program need to havesatisfactory TOEFL and GRE scores. Please write to Professor JunYin at junyin@gsu.edu to apply. Please attach a copy of CV to theapplication email.(源于Science[2014-04-23])

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a majorcomponent of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Departmentof Health and Human Services has two openings for postdoctoralresearchers to study the biochemistry and molecular biology ofredox modifications of proteins. They are primarily focused onunderstanding the physiological and pathological roles of oxidationand reduction of methionines in proteins. Preference for one of thepositions will be given to applicants with training in chemical orsynthetic biology. Candidates should have either an MD degreewith research experience or a PhD in a relevant field and a historyof productivity as evidenced by prior publications. If interested,please email the curriculum vitae and names and email addressesof three references by June 13, 2014 to: Rodney L. Levine, MD,PhD, Senior Investigator and Chief, Laboratory of Biochemistry,National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, Bethesda, MarylandUSA. E-mail: rlevine@nih.gov.(源于Science[2014-04-24])

North Carolina State University is looking to hire a fishreproductive biologist at the assistant or associate professor level(tenure- track). Preference will be given to applicants who arecurrently at the assistant professor rank or postdoctoral fellowswith strong evidence of an independent research focus in fishphysiology, reproduction or selective breeding, with documentedteaching experience. Successful applicants are expected to have astrong vision for their research and extension programs, provenability to work with other scientists in interdisciplinary research,and commitment to excellence and innovation in graduate and/orundergraduate education. Applicants should have a PhD orequivalent in biology, fish reproductive physiology or related areaand currently hold a position of postdoctoral fellow, assistantprofessor, or associate professor at an academic or researchinstitution. To apply, go to https://jobs.ncsu.edu or follow this link to access the posting directly https://jobs.ncsu.edu/hr/postings/35812. Provide: a) cover letter b) curriculum vitae; c) one to twopage research statement incorporating a vision for how to build the aquaculture program at NC State and enhance the aquaculture industry in NC; d) one to two-page statement of teaching including potential course offerings. Confidential inquiries and nominations should be directed to Dr. Harry Daniels, Search Chair, Harry_Daniels@ncsu.edu (919-515-4589). Review of applications will begin1June2014and continue until the position is filled.(源于Science[2014-04-21])

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