A Research Fellow appointment at the postdoctoral level isavailable at Mayo Clinic. Primary research interests include themolecular mechanisms underlying insulin resistance in skeletalmuscle. The focus of this position will be to address howmicroRNA expression in muscle is altered in response to exercisein insulin resistant muscle. A combination of clinical, cell, andmolecular approaches are being used in this project. Qualifiedindividuals will demonstrate the potential for research asevidenced by their training and peer-reviewed publications andshould become competitive for national research grants. Qualifiedcandidates must have a PhD, MD, or equivalent doctoral degree ina field deemed relevant by the program. Go to http://www.mayoclinic-jobs.com/job/Scottsdale-Research-Fellow-Health-Program-32541BR- Job- AZ- 85250/46070200/?utm_source=nicheboard&utm_campaign=32541BR_AH_Research- Fellow- HealthProgram_ ScienceCareers_ 03-10 to learn more and to apply.(源于Science[2014-03-11])

The Drug Discovery Division at Southern Research Institute inBirmingham, Alabama is seeking to fill postdoctoral positions.They are seeking applicants that are highly motivated with a keeninterest for basic and translational microbiology research and thatcan work independently on funded research projects. For moreinformation or to apply, visit their website at: http://www.southern research.org /careers /job- listings/job- search?gnk=job& gni=8a123cf2449cedfe01 449e6efd3b3962;http://www.southernresearch.org /careers /job- listings/job- search?gnk=job& gni=8a699b98437036e901 43a23c53927c76.(源于Science[2014-03-11])

The Drug Discovery Division at Southern Research Institute inBirmingham, Alabama is seeking to fill postdoctoral positions.They are seeking applicants that are highly motivated with a keeninterest for basic and translational microbiology research and thatcan work independently on funded research projects. For moreinformation or to apply, visit their website at: http://www.southern research.org /careers /job- listings/job- search?gnk=job& gni=8a123cf2449cedfe01 449e6efd3b3962;http://www.southernresearch.org /careers /job- listings/job- search?gnk=job& gni=8a699b98437036e901 43a23c53927c76.(源于Science[2014-03-11])

Postdoctoral Research Associate positions are available in theDepartment of Pharmacology and Center for Lung and VascularBiology to investigate molecular mechanisms of endothelialregeneration and repair, vascular inflammation, and pulmonaryvascular diseases using genetically modified mouse models andendothelial progenitor/stem cells. Candidates must have PhD orMD/PhD degree with good publication record. Extensiveexperience in studying the pathophysiology of lung and/or vasculardiseases is a plus. Ability to learn new research technologies, workindependently and self- motivation is required. Applicants shouldsubmit current CV by April 15, 2014 to: Dr. Youyang Zhao,Department of Pharmacology, University of Illinois at Chicago (MC868), 835. S. Wolcott, Rm E403, Chicago, IL 60612, USA or Email: yyzhao@uic.edu.(源于Science[2014-03-12])

The Thematic Project "Social and Environmental Processesassociated with the Construction of the Belo Monte HydroelectricDam in Brazilian Amazonia", offers a Postdoctoral ResearchFellowship at NEPAM in the Universidade Estadual de Campinas(Unicamp). The fellowship holder will focus on the impacts of BeloMonte on the riverine populations near Altamira and which will bedirectly affected by the reservoir that will flood many riverinecommunities. The postdoc will evaluate the social and economicsystem of these traditional populations during the process of damconstruction. In theoretical terms, the postdoc will gain experiencewith new approaches to human-environment research. The postdocshould demonstrate experience interviewing riverine andtraditional Amazonian populations, experience with surveyresearch methods, a range of sampling methods, and ethnographicexpertise. To apply, the candidate needs to send an applicationletter explaining qualifications for the project, copy of an up todate curriculum, including Suma Curricular, a copy of the PhDdiploma, and two letters of recommendation addressed to:moranef@msu.edu. Deadline for applications is April15, 2014.(源于Science[2014-03-14])

A postdoctoral position researching the molecular genetics ofmeiotic recombination is available at the Max Planck Institute inTuebingen, Germany. Successful candidates will dissect anddemonstrate the molecular mechanisms underlying recombinationvariation and functionally test evolutionary theory onrecombination modifiers in adaptive evolution, and will beresponsible for functionally dissecting recombination modifiersusing molecular techniques, and manipulating recombination invivo using transgenic microinjection techniques. Candidates shouldhave a PhD or equivalent degree in molecular genetics, alsoshould have demonstrate expertise and experience in diversemolecular genetics techniques including genetic fine-mapping, theuse of TALEN, Crispr/Cas, Cre-lox/Flp-FRT recombination,transgenics, ChIP, and yeast-one hybrid assays. Consideration ofapplications will begin on April 15th 2014, and will remain openuntil filled. Please send the application with a statement ofresearch interests and why you have applied for this position, CV,and three reference letters to Dr Felicity Jones atfcjones@tuebingen.mpg.de. (源于Science[2014-03-14])

Positions available immediately for candidates with post- doctoralexperience in epigenetic regulation including DNA methylationand histone acetylation or autophagy. Their research focuses onmaternal diabetes- induced neural tube defects and heart defects.Applicants must have a PhD with expertise in molecular anddevelopmental biology and a strong publication record. Interestedcandidates should submit a CV to: Peixin Yang, Ph.D, AssociateProfessor, Department of OB/GYN & Reprod Sci,, Department ofBiochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of MarylandSchool of Medicine. E-mail: pyang@fpi.umaryland.edu.(源 于Science[2014-03-14])

Position is available immediately for an energetic, enthusiasticperson interested in participating in an exciting multidisciplinaryproject examining epigenetic mechanisms and behavioral outcomesof developmental heavy metal neurotoxicity. The successfulcandidate will have broad cell/molecular biology experience andbe skilled in protein, DNA and mRNA extractions and inperforming Western blot and qRT- PCR studies. The successfulapplicant will have a good understanding of epigenetics andexperience in performing and analyzing results from epigeneticstudies and will have experience using techniques includingbisulfite conversion, pyrosequencing, and ChiP PCR. Experiencein animal handling and with conducting rodent behavioral studiesis desirable as is familiarity with bioinformatics. To apply: http://jobs.sciencecareers.org/apply/327182/postdoctoral- researchposition- in- neurotoxicology- and- epigenetics/?LinkSource=JobDetails.(源于Science[2014-03-14])

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of CancerBiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Theyinvestigate the process of mammalian blood cell differentiation, witha focus on epigenetics and the cell cycle. Please visit the SocolovskyLab Website (http://labs.umassmed.edu/socolovskylab/) for detailson available research areas. Applicants should have a PhD in Cell,Developmental or Molecular Biology and be creative and highlymotivated. Please send a brief statement of scientific work andinterests, a CV and the names and email addresses of three referees,to Merav.socolovsky@umassmed.edu.(源于Science[2014-03-14])

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship. The project aim is tocharacterize and target CHD4 deficiency in Endometrial Cancer.Candidate should have experience in molecular biology, cellbiology and possess knowledge of cancer biology. In addition,expertise in Bioinformatics is a big plus. They are looking for anoutstanding researcher with high motivation, ability to workindependently, and a strong commitment to working on thisproject. Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. Sendcurriculum vitae and contact information to: . E-mail:sylin@mdanderson.org.(源于Science[2014-03-14])

The University of Arizona invites applications for a tenure-trackposition at the level of assistant professor starting in August2014,in the area of Mathematical and Computational Physiology.Applicants should hold a PhD or equivalent degree, have a strongbackground in applied mathematics, and have demonstratedinterest and ability to carry out theoretical research that addressestopics of physiological relevance and to work in collaboration withexperimental biologists. While all applicants carrying out suchresearch will be considered, applicants with expertise in one orboth of the following areas will be preferred: cardiovascularphysiology and neurophysiology. One year of postdoctoralexperience is preferred. To apply, visit www.uacareertrack.com andview job number54244. (源于Science[2014-03-10])

One targeted area of this recruitment is tumor cell plasticity.Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is interested in scientistsinvestigating the mechanisms underlying the plasticity of tumorphenotype in the continuum of tumor progression and drugresponse. The other position available is in the area of tumorimmunology. They are interested in scientists with expertise infundamental tumor immunology. For both positions, they areparticularly interested in highly qualified investigators withcutting- edge experimental models and strong potential for multidisciplinary collaborations. For both positions, candidates musthold a doctorate in a relevant biomedical discipline and havereceived appropriate post-graduate training. Applicants shouldhave demonstrated a high level of competence and researchproductivity by way of scholarly publications and a strong trackrecord of external research grant support commensurate with theiryears of postdoctoral or independent research experience. Please forward CV along with the names of three referees. Contact: CarolPaduchowski paduchow@karmanos.org.(源于Science[2014-03-10])

The Wake Forest School of Medicine is initiating a search for atenure-track faculty member working in SensorimotorNeurobiology. The selected candidate will interact with a large andcooperative group of sensory neurobiologists that direct fundedprojects spanning the visual, auditory, and somatosensory systemsas well as training grant and program- project grants emphasizingintegrative function and development. Candidates should have adoctoral degree, extramural funding, at least two years ofpostdoctoral research, a strong record of researchaccomplishments, and a commitment to developing an independentas well as collaborative research program. Teachingresponsibilities will be commensurate with experience andbackground. Applications should include full curriculum vitae anda statement of research interests. Applicants should also arrangefor three letters of recommendation to be sent to the SearchCommittee. Information about the position, individual faculty andresearch interests, and graduate programs can be found at website: http://www.wakehealth.edu/nba/nba.html. All application materialsshould be sent to: Faculty Search Committee, Department ofNeurobiology and Anatomy, Wake Forest School of Medicine,Medical Center Boulevard, Winston- Salem, North Carolina,27157-1010.(源于Science[2014-03-13])

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Center forCardiovascular Research (CCVR) in the College of Medicine seeksoutstanding faculty candidates with expertise in cardiacmitochondrial biology, metabolism, non- coding RNA, or heartfailure. Consideration will be given to applicants at all ranks(assistant, associate, full professors). Successful candidates willdemonstrate the ability to garner extramural grant support and areexpected to lead comprehensive and innovative research programsthat focus on heart failure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome,and hypertension. A commitment to excellence in teaching is alsorequired. Minimum degree requirements are a PhD or MD degreewith three or more years of postdoctoral training. Applicants willsubmit a letter of interest, stating a research plan, curriculumvitae, and names of at least three references. For more informationon the CCVR visit website: http://www.ccvr.uic.edu. Apply onlineonly at website: https://jobs.uic.edu/job- board/job- details?jobID=39340&job=assistant- associate- professor- ccvr.(源 于Science[2014-03-13])

The Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine seeksapplicants for tenure- track position at the assistant, associateprofessor and professor level. They seek colleagues that willcontribute to the strength of University research in cardiacphysiology. Applicants performing proteomic research with anemphasis in areas such as contractile proteins, calcium handling,or signal transduction are encouraged to apply. Applicants musthave a strong commitment to graduate and medical education andcontribute to their vigorous collaborative environment. Candidatesmust have a doctoral degree and postdoctoral experience; seniorapplicants should have a strong record of research productivityand extramural support. Review of applications will commenceimmediately and applications will be accepted until the position isfilled. To apply, please send a single PDF file consisting ofcurriculum vitae, a statement of research interests, and contactinformation for three references to physiorecruit@lumc.edu,Gregory A. Mignery, PhD, Professor, Faculty Search Chair,Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology, Loyola UniversityChicago, Stritch School of Medicine, 2160 South First Avenue,Maywood, Illinois60153-5500. (源于Science[2014-03-14])

The Medical University of Vienna invites applications for a FullProfessor for inflammation biology to be hosted at the Max F.Perutz Laboratories. They focus on basic research in the fields ofbiomedical and molecular biology. Applications are sought fromindividuals with an outstanding research record in inflammationbiology, who in addition should possess excellent skills inleadership and scientific management. The successful candidate isexpected to strengthen the scientific collaborations betweenclinical departments at the Medical University and the Max F.Perutz Laboratories in research and in doctoral training. Thecandidate is expected to integrate with and strengthen the MedicalUniversity research cluster "Immunology/Allergy/Infection" andthe research area "Infection Biology" at Max F. PerutzLaboratories. The new faculty member will have responsibility forteaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Applicationsin English should be mailed by April 28th, 2014 to the ScientificDirector of the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Prof. Dr. GrahamWarren, Dr. Bohr-Gasse9, Campus Vienna Biocenter, A-1030 Wien.Applications should be emailed as a single pdf file to facultyopenings@mfpl.ac.at.(源于Science[2014-03-14])

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